The FadeAway Returns!

Deon and I are still rolling along! Thrilled to share that we’ve posted two more episodes of our, The FadeAway with Deon Thomas and Eric Schmidt. We promise not to be ALL Illini ALL the time, but yes, these are two more Illini-centric episodes. The first one is with Nancy Fahey, the new Women’s Basketball Coach at the University of Illinois. She’s had an incredible … Continue reading The FadeAway Returns!

Launching the FadeAway!

It’s been a long time of planning and coordinating schedules, but I’m happy to announce I’m partnering with Illini basketball legend Deon Thomas on a podcast. “The FadeAway with Deon Thomas and Eric Schmidt” is officially online, starting with two episodes. The first one helps reacquaint us with Deon and what he’s done post-Illinois. He’ll catch us up with his long, and successful, overseas career, … Continue reading Launching the FadeAway!

Are Analytics Good for Fans?

Bear with me on this one.  My guy, Tab Bamford (writer of the Blackhawks blog Committed Indians and Managing Director for La Vida Baseball…check these both out, AWESOME work!), shared a recent article about the predictability of the NBA Playoffs.  The discussion on his original post centered on how we arrived at two “super teams” that everyone presumed would meet for a third straight time … Continue reading Are Analytics Good for Fans?

Will ESPN Have the Same Fate as Newspapers?

It’s been five days, and if you’re a sports fan, you’re no doubt aware of the bloodletting at ESPN.  Reports are that approximately 100 folks either have been, or targeted to be, laid off.  James Miller, one of the foremost experts in all things ESPN, reports about half of these names will be recognizable to folks digesting ESPN content, either via TV, Magazine, or digital.  … Continue reading Will ESPN Have the Same Fate as Newspapers?

The Death of Journalism

Today, a piece of Chicago journalism died. It’s not the first death in the medium, and certainly won’t be the last.  And this particular passing was gradual…like pulling the plug off of long-time life support. But this death is a significant one for anyone who aspired to research, investigate, interview or write news.  Tribune Tower is being sold. The gravity of this may be lost … Continue reading The Death of Journalism