OK, what’s this thing about?

Here they are…my random thoughts.  Thanks for reading…send me your therapy bills whenever you’d like.

Some of the things I like writing about?  Being a Husband and Dad with all things that go with that (finding time for date nights, school, sports, bedtimes and tantrums), playing baseball and basketball (for as long as my knees hold out), following the Illini, Cubs and Bulls, covering the prep scene in Chicago and beer (drinking it, and sometimes chasing the good stuff).  I’ll also mix in some posts about my thoughts on my not-for-profit career and television reporting work.

My degree is in Broadcast Journalism, but you’ll probably be surprised by that since my posts are too wordy. Most of my entries will be in the categories above. But I might stray from them, too. Since there’s a good chance that eventually I’ll write something about you, hopefully I won’t insult or embarrass you.  But sometimes my filter doesn’t work so hopefully I don’t get myself into trouble.

I used to use the Oxford Comma religiously…I’ve been convinced otherwise. But I still put two spaces between sentences.

Hopefully a few entries will be interesting, insightful or funny. No promises.