Who do I think I am?

I’m a pretty average 40-something…married to a beautiful and smart wife, have two kids who are bright, funny and caring, house in the burbs, one dog and one cat, possibly having a mid-life crisis to find out what I want to be when I grow up.

I graduated from the University of Illinois, enjoyed my four years there, joined Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity and eventually married the house sweetheart. Not sure how the last detail happened but thankfully she hasn’t had her eyes checked. To get through college, I worked in the Athletic Department, at the Illio yearbook, at Campus Recreation, at a bar and umped baseball. ย In summers I was a day camp counselor, worked at Ritz Camera (moment of silence for actual camera film and one-hour photo developing), interned at SportsChannel and umped more baseball. ย As you can imagine, I stayed busy.

Let’s get to today, though. My “career” has been helping charities with fundraising, marketing and branding.

On occasion, I do television work for Comcast in Chicago. This will be our little secret, but it’s how I tell my Mom I still use my broadcasting degree. My producers let me do sideline reporting, occasional play-by-play, fun features and restaurant reviews. I guess I’m decent at the job since some of my work has been nominated for an award called an Emmy (#humblebrag).

You can also hear me on a podcast, “The FadeAway with Deon Thomas & Eric Schmidt”.

And finally, to the hobbies. I love coaching baseball and helping kids to enjoy a game that means a lot to me. ย I still play some baseball and basketball, DVR too many shows, can’t keep up with my Sports Illustrated subscription (old school…still love seeing that glossy magazine in Thursday’s mail!) and work with a couple of charity boards. When U2, Nine Inch Nails or Incubus tour, I’m getting those tickets. And if you’re not listening to Malcolm Gladwell’s “Revisionist History” or the Bill Simmons “Channel 33” podcasts, you don’t know what you’re missing.