Don’t Forget the Gum!

My little guy has really started to love baseball this year so it’s become a fun bonding experience for us.  Sometimes it’s playing “The Show” on the PlayStation, watching the Cubs, coaching his team, or simply playing catch outside.  Since I still play a little, he’s now old enough to bring to my games and I don’t have to worry about his attention span and getting hurt while daydreaming.

Austin is the reason my teammates have to watch their language in the dugout (and trust me…that’s not easy!), but they’ve come to accept on the occasional times he comes out (and no, he doesn’t have a locker and miss school to come to my games, unlike, ahem, one former White Sox player’s son).  And Austin has come to realize the words he can’t repeat in front of Mom, on those occasional times “boys will be boys” in the safety of a dugout!

With that as the background, he asked to come to my game this past weekend.  The only problem was the game started at 9 a.m., meaning we needed to be up at 7:15.  I gave him a 50/50 chance at wanting to get out of bed.  But when I walked into his room, Austin was already awake and excited to go.  So we got dressed in our Grizzlies jerseys, jumped in the car, and ran through the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru for my iced coffee and his munchkins.

On the way to the field, I sarcastically asked him why he wanted to go with me.  Was it the chance to see amateurs play baseball?  Was it the chance to learn more naughty words?  On a more serious note, maybe it was a chance to hit some baseballs and play catch with Dad?  No, no and no.  According to Austin, it’s the gum!

Teammate Pat G. brings the 380-pience bucket of Dubble Bubble gum each week.  If you haven’t unwrapped a stale piece of this nostalgic chewing gum lately, it hasn’t changed.  The flavor lasts about thirty seconds.  And at the end of our game, there were about 20 pieces left in the bucket…and what seemed like 200 empty wrappers.  Yes, my son rolls through that gum like water.

So a special thanks to Pat for giving Austin and me such great time together.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go buy a bucket of gum.


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