The Death of Journalism

Today, a piece of Chicago journalism died. It’s not the first death in the medium, and certainly won’t be the last.  And this particular passing was gradual…like pulling the plug off of long-time life support. But this death is a significant one for anyone who aspired to research, investigate, interview or write news.  Tribune Tower is being sold. The gravity of this may be lost … Continue reading The Death of Journalism

Don’t Forget the Gum!

My little guy has really started to love baseball this year so it’s become a fun bonding experience for us.  Sometimes it’s playing “The Show” on the PlayStation, watching the Cubs, coaching his team, or simply playing catch outside.  Since I still play a little, he’s now old enough to bring to my games and I don’t have to worry about his attention span and … Continue reading Don’t Forget the Gum!